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Say hello to your step-by-step guide.

Teaching Kids about Sex is an in-depth PDF guidebook for teaching kids ages 0-9 about bodies, consent, and sex. Learn what to teach at each stage and how to teach it. You can get lifetime access to the guide (including all future updates) for $49.


Teaching Kids about Sex—The Parent Guidebook

"Every child deserves a parent who has this guide in their toolbox. Every single one. This is so thoughtfully and beautifully done. A true *guide*." 

— Mom of Three

You might be FEELING like...

You don't know what exactly to teach your kids.

Sex ed in your home growing up was basically non-existent. You want better for your kids but don't know what that looks like. 

You're not sure what your kids are ready for.

Figuring out what information is appropriate at each developmental age is a challenge. How soon is too soon?

You want to share your values without shame.

Your personal beliefs and values around sex and sexuality are important to you! You want to share them in healthy, positive ways. 


I've got you covered.

I have spent hundreds of hours studying how and what to teach children in regard to bodies, consent, and sex (including a Human Development master's degree with a healthy sexuality research emphasis).

This guide is a compilation of that research, presented with my shame-free, positive approach to sex education. Consider yourself a sex ed at home expert.

What's included in the guide?

  • 10 guiding principles for teaching your kids about sex
  • 7 specific lessons to teach your kids in each stage (0-3, 4-6, 7-9)
  • A how-to guide for protecting children from sexual assault
  • Simple guidelines for addressing LGBTQ+ topics with children
  • Example answers to questions your children might ask you


Want to see inside

Click the button below to download a handful of pages from the guide, including a detailed Table of Contents. 

the guide


you purchase IT?


What are your qualifications to write this guide? 

I earned a bachelor's degree in Human Development (the majority of which was focused on child development, specifically) and a master's degree in Marriage, Family, & Human Development with a research emphasis on healthy sexuality. I am a gender and sexuality researcher who has spent hundreds of hours studying how to best address these topics with kids. And, I'm a new mama who cares deeply about offering my kids a healthy, shame-free sex education. 

Is the guide meant only for Christian families? 

Because beliefs and values vary so dramatically from family to family, this guide focuses on the "must haves" of sex education—things I believe every child should know. While the guide does not necessarily promote any specific value system, it does provide help for parents to identify sexual morals and values that they hope to pass on to their children. The guide also provides examples of how parents can approach specific values with their kids, if applicable.  

Do these conversations really need to start at age 0? 

Conversations about sex, specifically, do not need to start that early, of course. But it is important to establish a foundation of knowledge and body autonomy during the first few years of a child's life. For example, I encourage parents to use the correct terminology for body parts with their children from the time that they are born. 

If I purchase it, can I share the guide with friends or family members?

I know you want to share things that you love (which I definitely hope is how you feel about the guide). However, each purchase of the guide can only be used by members of a single household. I have done my best to price the guide to be accessible to as many families as possible. Please do not send the PDF or print copies for anyone outside your home.

Does the guide address how to help children avoid predators? 

Yes. There is an entire, very detailed section devoted to protecting your children against sexual assault. It includes specific discussions to have with your kids, ideas for family safety rules, and direction for establishing open communication with your children about this topic. I also provide a list of children's books that can be helpful in these discussions.

Can I print the guide? Or can I only access it digitally? 

Once you purchase the PDF, it is yours to use however you would like. Feel free to have it printed (and bound, if you're feeling fancy) if you would like to have a hard copy. As long as you do not share the guide with others outside of your household, you are welcome to download it and/or print it as many times as you would like. 

Is there a version for older kids? Mine are no longer in the 0-9 range. 

Not yet, but there will be! The second edition of Teaching Kids about Sex, which will focus on ages 10-18, is in the works and will launch later this year. If you feel confident that you have covered bodies, consent, sex, and avoiding predators in pretty good detail with your older kids, go ahead and wait for the second edition. If you're just starting to have these conversations (it's never too late to start, my friend!), the first edition might still be a helpful resource for you, even if your kids are a bit older.



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