Shame-free sex ed for Christians
in every life stage. 

Ready to embrace and celebrate your sexual nature while fully living your faith? 

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It's time to leave behind the days of fear, guilt, and confusion surrounding sex. You can fully embrace our faith and pursue sexual wholeness in every life stage. 


I'm Carlie Palmer-Webb, MS

I'm a Sexuality Researcher, Entrepreneur, Enthusiastic Jesus Lover, Hugger, and The Christian Sex Educator. 

I grew up, like many of you, in an actively Christian family. The messages I received about sex, limited as they were, made me feel ashamed of my sexuality and afraid of pursuing a comprehensive sex education.

Changing those negative beliefs within myself and helping other Christians do the same has become my life's work. 

The Newlywed Course


Sexuality for Singles

The Honeymoon Course



Based on thousands of hours of research and years of experience, these courses will help you prepare for and build sexual relationships worth all of the hype. 

What makes This Content different?

Honest to a Fault

One of the challenges we face as Christians is finding sex education that isn't vague or focused almost exclusively on emotional connection. Here, we talk about all of the things. No topic is off limits. If anything, I will overshare.

The Sweatpants of Sex Ed

I have very purposefully created these courses to feel fun, comfortable, and relatable. If you're hoping for a stuffy conference room vibe, you will not find it here. I want you to feel like you're learning from a good friend.

Shame not included

Unfortunately, many well-meaning teachers, leaders, and educators use shame to push abstinence. You will find exactly none of that here. This is a space to learn, not to be shamed into obedience. Everyone is welcome.

- newlywed course participant

My husband and I have been married for 7 years. I suggested we invest in The Newlywed Course as an investment for our marriage. Our sex is better than ever and I can even say I do NOT suffer from low libido but I didn't realize that until taking this course. Thanks!

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