Say           to your new sex ed BFF.

Your guide to understanding and embracing your God-given sexuality while waiting until marriage to have sex. This part of you is so good, and I want to help you believe that. 



- singles course participant

This course is amazing! I honestly didn't realize it was possible to talk about sex without any shame, fear, or guilt attached. 

It is worth EVERY penny.


You're curious about sex but you aren't sure where to learn about it in healthy, faith-filled ways. 

You want to be prepared when you do transition into sexual activity, and you don't feel like you're there yet. 

You feel like you need to shut down your sexuality in this stage, but somehow that doesn't feel right.

You want to learn how to navigate sexual arousal and desire in a way that aligns with your beliefs and values.





But you want to understand and appreciate your sexuality. 

You believe in waiting for marriage...

I chose to wait until marriage, too. And for a long time, I really struggled to accept and appreciate my sexual nature. It took time, practice, and a lot of research (I even got a master's degree focused on healthy sexuality research). But eventually, I accepted that my sexual desires and my capacity for sexual feelings are good. They are God-given. And, by the time I married at 28, I absolutely loved this wonderful part of myself. 

I've been there too. And I want you to absolutely love this part of yourself.

And now I Want TO HELP you do the same thing.

You know what?

So, if you feel like you don't understand and/or love your sexual self...

you're in the right place.

Your New Sex Ed BFF


The perfect way to learn about sex and sexuality in a healthy and faith-filled setting. Prepare for your future sexual relationships while learning to appreciate and embrace your sexual nature now. It's gonna be fun, friend. 

Without healthy beliefs about sex, it will be next to impossible to navigate sexuality during your single years in happy and meaningful ways. In lesson one, we build a foundation of healthy sexual beliefs based on God's teachings and scientific research. 

In lesson two, we will review male and female sexual anatomy (in more depth than eighth grade health class) and the fundamentals of sex and intercourse. Some of us had parents who taught us all of the things. Most of us didn't. Let me answer your lingering sex questions.

Here's What You'll Learn

Healthy Sexual Beliefs

"The Talk" for Adults

Lesson One

Lesson TWO

You've chosen to wait until marriage to have sex, but your body didn't wait to develop sexual desire and the capacity for arousal. In lesson four, you will learn how to appreciate those parts of yourself and to navigate them in a way that aligns with your beliefs. No guilt. No shame. 

Navigating Desire and Arousal 

Lesson Four

Do we need a whole lesson on this? Yes, we do. Learn how to clean your body the right way (why yes, most people are doing it wrong) and how to keep your genitals nice and groomed. You know those questions about waxing you've been too nervous to ask anyone? I've got you covered. 

Sexual Health  and Hygiene

Lesson THREE


Waiting until marriage is no walk in the park. When you are dating, it is challenging to determine where to draw the line physically and even more challenging to stick to those boundaries. In this lesson, you will learn how to effectively set boundaries for yourself and, more importantly, how to keep them. 

Dating while Waiting

Lesson FIVE


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What makes This Content different?

Honest to a Fault

One of the challenges we face as Christians is finding sex education that isn't vague or focused almost exclusively on emotional connection. Here, we talk about all of the things. No topic is off limits. If anything, I will overshare.

The Sweatpants of Sex Ed

I have very purposefully created these courses to feel fun, comfortable, and relatable. If you're hoping for a stuffy conference room vibe, you will not find it here. I want you to feel like you're learning from a good friend.

Shame not included

Unfortunately, many well-meaning teachers, leaders, and educators use shame to push abstinence. You will find exactly none of that here. This is a space to learn, not to be shamed into obedience. Everyone is welcome.

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This course is for you if...

You're a single, never married adult

You're unable to commit the time

You have little/no sexual experience

You have had very THOROUGH sex ed

You're planning to wait for marriage

It's probably not for you if...

You already feel totally confident in your sexuality and knowledge of sex

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Four monthly payments of $39

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Eight monthly payments of $20

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One payment of $149

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Want to buy the Sexuality for Singles Course as a gift?

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When is the best time to take the Sexuality for Singles Course? 

I recommend taking the course as soon as you feel ready to learn about your own sexuality and sexual relationships. It's applicable for anyone 18+.  


How long will it take me to go through the entire course? 

This course contains approximately 1 hour of video content. If you complete all of the journaling prompts and worksheets, it will take you approximately 1.5-2 hours. 

What if I am currently engaged. Can I still take this course? 

Yes, of course you are welcome to. But in your current stage, The Honeymoon Course would like be a better fit for you. Click on the engaged tab in the menu to learn more. 

Can I buy the Sexuality for Singles Course for someone as a gift? 

Yes! It makes such a wonderful gift (in my humble opinion). You can find a gift card option above. Once you purchase the course, a digital gift card will be sent to you and you can pass it on to the receiver! 

What if I have had sex in the past but am now waiting? 

If you have past sexual experience, but still don't feel like you have a good understanding of your sexuality and healthy sexual relationships, the course is for you. 

I don't live in the United States. Can I still take the course? 

Of course! The course is housed on a website called Kajabi. As long as you can access that website (it is available worldwide, with few exceptions), you're golden! 

If I purchase it, can I share the course with friends or family members?

Your purchase of the Sexuality for Singles can only be used by one person. If another individual wants to access the course, they will need to purchase it as well. 

I am part of the LGBTQ+ community. Is this course a good fit for me? 

You are absolutely welcome to take the course. My professional and personal experience do not qualify me to provide targeted help for your experience, but the course can absolutely help you build a foundation of healthy sexual beliefs. Absolutely no shame included. 

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Checking in

I get it, this is an investment. If you have questions or concerns that haven't been addressed, please send me an email and I'll do my best to help.