A sexuality researcher and educator, here to help you prepare for and build sexual relationships worth all the hype. 

The Honeymoon Prep Packet

Three PDF guides to help the happy couple prep for their wedding night. This packet comes with The Honeymoon Course, but you can buy it separately too! It includes my Honeymoon Packing List, Sex Positions for Beginner's Guide, and Sexual Anatomy Diagrams.


A course for engaged Christian couples, ready to take preparing for their sexual relationship seriously. If you're waiting until marriage, this resource is the key to the dreamy, sexy honeymoon you are hoping for. 

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If you're into comfortable conversations about sex + sexuality, dating horror stories, marriage tips for everyday couples, & Jesus-lovin' content, then you've come to the right place. 

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The Honeymoon Prep Packet is included as a bonus in The Honeymoon Course? Would you like to learn more about the full course before you purchase the packet?